resource management strategies
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reenGoat boosts building efficiency through conservation measures that lower disposal costs, increase energy efficiency, manage storm water runoff, and improve building performance.

We offer specification language to architects, logistical advice and training to contractors, and cost-benefit reporting to the financial office. With rising energy costs, participants in the building industry can benefit from grant funding and positive press for a 'low-impact' development approach. We will save you money through conservation:

  • Reusing and recycling building materials
  • Energy and water conservation techniques
  • Preparing LEED credit document submittals, reviewed for compliance
  • Specific help with any LEED points in Materials & Resources
  • Grant funding to offset implementation costs (we are a non-profit)
  • Ongoing facility programming to minimize environmental impact.

greenGoat specializes in construction, but we save any company money by scrutinizing and managing waste streams. Click on the files below to see greenGoat at work!

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