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reenGoat can help any project conserve by both accepting materials or supplying them. To donate materials, click the link above. To "shop", browse the list below.

Victorian Mantle

Fluted columns with corinthian details, they are dripping with history ... and many layers of paint. Mantles were recovered from a Dudley Square building originally designed by T. Edward Sheehan in the late 1890s.

Condition:Very good. Would need to be stripped, of course. Dimensions:48" wide and 6'6" tall
Price:$400 each, two for $650

Victorian pedestal sink

Rimmed bowl and a fluted column base (two pieces), this could easily be the centerpiece of a period bath.

Condition:Good. Crazing in the finish.
Dimensions:approx 32" wide

180 sf antique fir flooring

Deinstalled from an early 1900s home, fir flooring offers a VERY durable surface, warm color, and classic beauty.

Condition:Gorgeous. Joints have not been cleaned. Dimensions:3 1/2" wide, with board length varying from 4' to 16' (some smaller pieces)
Price:$8 / s.f.

Cedar Closet Lining

Store those sweaters in a safe environment ... all in very good shape, thanks to professional deinstallation.

Dimensions:Standard 3" wide, 3/8" thick in bundles labeled for approx square foot coverage
Price:$1/sf for 0 - 100 s.f., $.75/sf for 100 - 300 sf, $.50 for over 300 sf

French country style kitchen ventilation hood

Recently uninstalled from a French country style kitchen, this is a classic wall mounted hood. Complete with fan cover it'll add distinction and function to your kitchen.

Dimensions:36" wide, approx 36" tall

Ruud 50 gallon nat gas water heater

Never even installed. $1200 new. Manufacture date Feb '09, model PH2-50-50F. Vents to a chimney ... uses natural gas fuel.

Dimensions:not applicable

Brass fireplace set

Instant history. The brass has the perfect patina (you can polish it, but ... I wouldn't). Set includes andirons, fender, and fireplace tools (poker is not shown, but is included). Also available are fireplace covers (sold separately) and screens.

Condition:Very good.
Dimensions:available upon inquiry

Kitchen Aid 30" Electric Double Oven

Kitchen Aid creates an excellent, professional grade, durable product with convection feature and ... clean!

Condition:Excellent. Both ovens are spotless, to boot!
Dimensions:30" oven

Restoration windows

We have a steady stream of old windows, and the glass wears its years beautifully.

Condition:Excellent. Sold by the sash.
Price:priced by age and by size pane

Copper window box liner

Has a beautiful natural patina, which is why one buys copper. Meant to line an indoor window box (this one sat at the base of a full length window). This has no drain holes currently, but they could of course be added. Also available - a 30" x 24" x 2" tray for a solarium window / bay window.

Condition:Very good.
Dimensions:about 60" wide, 12" high, 12" deep

Stanley Automatic Door

This is the door you'd walk through in Home Depot ... zippy automatic door perfect for retail. Paired with an air curtain

Dimensions:7'8" x 14'


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