greenGoat partially dismantles residential properties (or works with your contractor) to save materials


Tax Deduction

We are a 501(c)3, so your donation may mean a tax deduction (depending on your tax situation)


Material Reuse

greenGoat redistributes the materials to thrifty do-it-yourselfers, reducing construction & demolition waste

Estimate your tax deduction

We work with qualified appraisers to get valuation for your material donation

Get in Contact

To inquire about working with greenGoat for a deconstruction or salvage job, contact us via email or phone

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (617) 504 2095

Frequently Asked Question

Does greenGoat take on smaller projects, or do they only do full house demolition?

We take on projects of different sizes, with certain minimums. Our most common projects are full house demolitions. We also work on “gut” renovations and kitchen/bathroom renovations.

I have a contractor that is doing demolition for my project. Can I still donate the materials?

Yes! We need some lead time, but we can work with your contractor to schedule salvages.

Does it cost money to have greenGoat do demolition work?

We ask donors to support our ongoing programs through work grants. All grants also qualify as tax deductions for donors.

How do I get my tax deduction for donating?

We work with qualified appraisers to get our donors tax-ready reporting.

Does greenGoat work with non-residential properties?

We specialize in residential properties, but we encourage you to reach out using the contact info listed above.

Can I donate a single item?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept single items. We recommend donating functional items like small appliances to Goodwill, or looking into your local recycling program.

How much time does it take for greenGoat to recover materials?

We would like a minimum of three weeks to work on a full house demolition, but we will use whatever time we have. Certainly, if we have *more* time, we can recover more materials!