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Painted Pine Flooring (Green)

1" x 2.5"
lot of 251 ft2

Antique, Distressed Oak Flooring

lot of 270 ft2
Ready for Pickup
Choose a low-cost option when replacing your flooring. Reclaimed solid hardwood flooring is an inexpensive choice for remodeling a home. We offer a range of sizes and materials, including salvaged oak flooring, maple flooring, and pine flooring.
All of our products are salvaged from houses that underwent remodels or demolitions. That means this flooring has a lot of life left in it. Plus, when you buy salvaged, you’re helping the environment! Your purchase prevents wood from ending up in landfills, and saves the energy and materials it takes to process new flooring. Don’t see anything you like? Check back tomorrow. We get new items every day!